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Ready for a Rub-A-Dub-Dub

Ok, so maybe that's just us. We love giving your four legged friends a full bath with a fluff dry.

Our qualified staff is sure to make your furry companion stand out and smell great. Regardless of breed, our staff is sure to give “Fluffy” a beautiful shine and send her home smelling fresh and delicious.

So, if you would rather not tug your dog into the bathtub and then clean up the mess set up an appointment with our Bath Master and let us take care of your furry companion.

Basic Bath Includes:

  • 2 – Cycle Bath with Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Blow Fluff Dry

  • Brush Out

  • Ear Cleaning

Price: $35.00 Per Dog (Multiple Discounts non-applicable)
EXIT Bath:  Price 28.00 (Multiple Discounts non-applicable)

Specialty Baths

  • Flea Bath/Shampoo - Additional 3.00

  • Oatmeal Bath/Shampoo - Additional 3.00

  • Hypoallergenic Bath/Shampoo - Additional 3.00

  • De Skunk Bath/Shampoo - Additional 3.00

EXIT Bath and Blow Dry following a PJ or Day Camp: $28.00

Spa Packages

  • Ultimate Spa  -  Price  55.00
    Includes Fresh Bath, Fresh Facial Scrub, Nail Trim, Paw Treatment, Refresthing Aromatherapy Treatment and Nourish Vitamin Conditioner.

  • Renew Spa - Price  50.00
    Includes Renew Bath, Fresh Facial Scrub, Renew Aromatherapy Treatment and Nourish Vitamin Conditioner.

  • Comfort Spa - Price 45.00
    Includes Comfort Bath, Comfort Aromatherapy Treatment and Nourish Vitamin Conditioner.


Anyone need a Manicure and Pedicure

Have a hard time getting those nails done? If your furry companion is due for a “nail” treatment, our qualified staff can shape and trim “Fluffy’s” nails. Let us give your furry friend the quick nail touch-up he or she may have been needing.

Basic Nail Trim – Price: $18.00

Deep Ear Clean and Massage

Does your pooch need a deep ear clean and massage? Our qualified staff can give your furry tailed friend a nice ear cleaning with a massage to help his/her ear canals stay nice and clean.

Ear Cleaning - Price: $12.00





Specials Siesta Packages
for visits
10am - 3pm only

1 session = $25.00
10 sessions = $240.00
20 sessions = $465.00
30 sessions = $675.00
50 sessions = $1,095.00

All packages are good for up to 8 months

Prices and Policies are Subject to Change without Notice. Please note that as a result, the All Dogs Club is NOT bound by the prices listed on the website.

Please verify current rates with the facility in case of updates not yet implemented on the website or other printed materials.

Thank you!!!






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