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Training: Canine College

Searching for fun, effective and affordable training? Training Managers and the Training Team work closely with you and your dog to customize the right training goals.

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry; our training team can help you select the right class! We can help train you to train your dog! It sounds silly, but learning to read your dog’s cues and learning how to train will allow you to feel confident and to work with your dog easily.

Our training methods are based on positive reinforcement techniques. The training Staff prides themselves in offering a fun and energetic learning environment that will make you and your dog feel like part of the community! Training provides good manners, as well as additional needed mental stimulation and physical exercise for your life-long companion.

We number our classes to help you choose the right ones! Just like in college, 100-level classes are the easiest and require no previous training. Courses numbered 200-level are intermediate and require some previous training. Read the descriptions and just call if you have any questions.

Current Class Offerings:

101: Fun-damentals $99.00 for 7 weeks

All dogs need training for mental stimulation and physical exercise!Learn how to teach your dog basic behaviors in this 7-week class (sit, down, come, stay, eye-contact, walking calmly on lead, and more). You will learn the “tricks” of the trade!




Siesta Packages
for visits
10am - 3pm only

1 session = $25.00
10 sessions = $240.00
20 sessions = $465.00
30 sessions = $675.00
50 sessions = $1,095.00

All packages are good for up to 8 months

Prices and Policies are Subject to Change without Notice. Please note that as a result, the All Dogs Club is NOT bound by the prices listed on the website.

Please verify current rates with the facility in case of updates not yet implemented on the website or other printed materials.

Thank you!!!







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